Founded in 2010, Sri Lanka e-Sports Association (SLESA) is the proposed official regulating body for e-Sports in Sri Lanka.

The SLESA consists of organisations and individuals involved in the development of the local e-Sports scene. This includes communities, servers, ladders, clans and international affiliates. This is especially significant since all the leading e-Sports organisations working together for the betterment of e-Sports in SL.


  • Promote e-Sports within Sri Lanka
  • Promote the participation of Sri Lankan teams at international competitions and other events
  • Set standards for competitive e-Sports in Sri Lanka in conformity with international standards
  • Develop skills among cyber-athletes engaged in e-Sports in Sri Lanka

SLESA Affiliated Members & Associate Members

SLESA now consists of 6 affiliated member organisations and 3 associate member organisations.

Affiliated Members

  • Gamer.LK
  • Maximum e-Sports
  • n00b Alliance
  • Phoenix Gaming
  • Tech Morph
  • Xiphos e-Sports

Associate Members

  • Animus e-Sports
  • Immortal Inferno Gamers
  • Wolfgang Gaming